The Great Battle of Aloria was a universal battle that took place in the Fiftieth Age of Aloria. It was a battle of the Light Side and the Dark Side. Sormun who was a fallen god of Quod had amassed armies on multiple galaxies across the universe. Sormun had led the domination of Aloria and his plan was nearly finished as he made his way to corrupt the Summa galaxy which was at the center of Aloria.

His plan was foiled however. The wizards of Istar rid Summa of evil and this made it impossible for Sormun to enter the galaxy. The Istar travelled to other galaxies and planets to lead the peoples against evil. Over the next 750 years a massive battle ensued.

Millions of peoples died at the cost of pushing the evil back to the Sub Universe. The battle eventually ended with the extradition of Sormun by Miazgatsar who was Leader of the Istar slay him and destroyed his physical soul. However his life essence was preserved in the Orbs of Murmonia though this was not known at the time. When the Black Journal of Sormun was found a search party was sent out to find the orbs. They were never found.

The battle ended that day with the destruction of Sormuns physcial soul. Though he lives on in his essence waiting to be reborn.

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