Prime Minister of Ceardia
Coats of Arms of the Prime Minister of Ceardia (Current)
Coats of Arms of the Prime Minister
Ryan Cartman
Ryan Cartman

since 13 May 2875
Office of the Prime Minister
Style The Honourable
Status Ryan Cartman has been suspended since the 9 December.
Member of Cabinet
Residence Governors House
Nominator House of Commissioners
Appointer President
Upon nomination by the House of Commissioners
Term length Unrestricted
As long as he/she can command a majority in the house.
Inaugural holder Charles Gilbert
Salary $325,000
The Prime Minister of Ceardia (commonly referred to as the Prime Minister or the PM) is the head of government in Ceardia and chief executive of the executive. The prime minister is nominated by the House of Commissioners and appointed by the President. Unlike other systems they are a member of the executive and legislative branches of government as the prime minister must be an elected MP. The prime minister serves a 5 year term and can be reelected with no term limit.

The prime minister carries out all duties prescribed to them by the president. As the president holds no real power and the title is purely a formality and ceremonial the prime minister holds actual power of the country. They are answerable to both houses of the parliament and must ensure the government runs efficiently. The president is also there in the case a parliament passes a vote of no confidence in the government to remove the prime minister from power. The prime minister is in charge all duties that are handed to the cabinet are carried out fully, fairly and efficiently.

The office was created over 1000 years ago and remains one of the longest standing government positions in the world. It was first held by Charles Gilbert though at the time the prime minister had far more powers then they have today. The prime minister also has changed over the years. There have been multiple coups in the country and these have all led to the modification of the office. However the office has returned to its original way as the stronghold of democracy.

The current prime minister is Ryan Cartman of the Freedom Party however Cartman has been suspended by the president over increasing fears he is trying to establish a authoritarian regime. The acting prime minister is Brian Fitzgerald of the Democratic Liberal Party.

List of Prime Ministers

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