The Creation of Aloria was the fundamental beginning of Alorian universe. It was started by the Gods of Aloria who wanted to create a new universe within the Quod. It was originally ruled against by the Ahalider as he was afraid that the universe would descend into chaos.

Over billions of years the Gods of Aloria created the new universe intending it to become a utopian universe to rival all the others. Soon however the offspring of the gods took over and where not as interested in keeping the universe in shape. Over time Aloria fell into wicked ways.

For 3 billion years evil flourished and this caused evil to be ingrained in the embodiment of the universe. It was caused by the over powering of some species within the universe. Some were weak and corrupted and this caused them to go for domination within the lands. Soon this spread to the gods of Aloria. The God of Metal, Sormun fell to the dark side and entered Aloria to lead an age of oppression.

The creation was destroyed. This led Ahalider to intervene in the chaos. He sent his Ister to fight against the evil. Eventually the evil was subdued but it is always rising. Battles have continued across the ages. The Gods of Aloria were banished and destroyed and Aloria remains a hub for evil of Quod.

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