The Wedlock Offensive is the name given to the rapid advance of the Avician Army across the continent of Tyber. General Juno Wedlock had overthrown the government five years earlier in a successful coup and expanded the military rapidly. He used masses of infantry, planes and tanks to overrun the weak border nations.

The wars began when Wedlock ordered the invasion of Argnoria a disputed land claim with the Kingdom of Ramoor. Ramoor moved its army into the territory to defend it. After the army surrendered., Matteo Browland who was Prime Minister of Ramoor expected Wedlock to stop his advance. Wedlock continued into Ramoor. Within 3 months he was 5000 kilometres away from the far western border of Ramoor and was halfway across Tyber. By then huge armies were massed in the Far West of Tyber to counteract Ramoor. This is were the advance of Wedlock was halted.

General Horon Koor led a flawed invasion of the Republic of Hyrune. The Hyrune Grand Army had a 3 to 1 advantage in men and destroyed the ground troops of the Avician 5th Army. The Avicians lost their hold on the continent and slowly fell back. 3 months later Wedlock was assassinated and this led to the rapid retreat of the Avicians. Avicia was absorbed into Ramoor and was proclaimed never to exist as a nation ever again as punishment for the people in the Treaty of Avician Control.

The war remains a topic of debate among scholars. Many calling it a wonder of military tactical offense but was foiled by poor generals. Ramoor remains highly critical of the war and continues to call it the "Wedlock War Machine".

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